Story Series

Every now and then, I like to email a big list of people whose writing I admire with a quotation, which may or may not inspire a short story. Then I like to give them a ridiculously short amount of time to write said story.

The prompts are unpredictable, haphazard, possibly careless; there is limited potential and teeth gnashing and occasionally drunkenness.

Want in on the list? email me.


1: Waiting

Waiting was something he disliked these days because it made him realize how much time he had on his hands. — Armand ML Inezian, “See Me”

Featuring work by:

* Dennis Cass! (book, blog, DCWYTBMA)
* Dennis Conrow! (radio, pictures)
* Myself!
* Brendan Sullivan! (blog)

Download (PDF)


2: Habit

Habit is the chief motive force. — Fyodor Dystoyevsky

Featuring work by:

* Benjamin Blattberg!
* Peter Horan! (poetry blog)
* Deborah Blakeley!
* Myself!
* Dennis Conrow! (website)

Download (PDF)

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