Backstage at the Nutcracker

Oh hey guys, what’s up. It’s been a while. The good news is . . . I have been doing all the things! And more importantly documenting all those things! And then storing all of those things on memory cards and then responsibly external harddrives and then extra responsibly backing up those things! And then . . . doing more things without looking at any of the previous things! VROOM GO GO GO!

So January has been a whirlwind of processing catch-up, but now I finally have something to show for it. First, here’s a slideshow of photos from backstage at the Hopkins Youth Ballet’s performance of Nutcracker.

Sad Mouse

Gingerbread Boy

I always forget that kids live in a different universe than adults do. I had been backstage for maybe five minutes when suddenly a pair of arms were wrapped around my waist; the East Coast instincts I’ve been struggling to cultivate almost let out an alarmed shriek. I looked down to see a tiny blonde head. “ADRIANNE!!!! I love you.” Who the hell is this, I wondered in a panic, before her mother turned the corner and waved. Oh! Right, the neighbor’s little girl.

She took my hand. “We’re best friends now!” she said. “Want to come with me?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “I’ll follow you anywhere. What are you up to?”

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