Card Game Beginnings in the Park

Moby Dick card game creators walk through Battery Park

I connected with some old college friends at a birthday party, and they told me they were in the middle of making a Moby Dick card game. “We’ve got it all designed and written out, now we’re just going to make a Kickstarter page to raise money to make it. Oh, actually — would you want to take photos while we film that, to help our page?”

Yeah sure! You guys are awesome and consistently make awesome things.

Caleb holds mic in the park

The forecast had been for rain or “wintry mix,” but it turned out to be the first really spring-like evening we had, and I felt drunk on sunshine, taking my black parka off and leaving it in a pile while they worked. A gaggle of tourists flooded the scene and filming stopped. “I’m just gonna take like five minutes of ya time!” the guide yelled. “You guys cool for five minutes?” Crash crash, said the ocean.

Later, walking along the pier to the subway stop, a turkey would wobble its way across my path and eye me curiously, as if I was the out of place thing in this park, and in the parking lot a bus driver would lean out of his window and yell to his friend “hey! You want some of these pecans?” I’d turn my head, because it felt like the kind of day when a stranger might offer something like that.

When I emerged in Midtown, the sun had set, and the freezing rain had begun to fall.

Done! Hurray!

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