NYC Day 3: Homesick

How to fight loneliness: midnight run for a wheel of cheese and rice crackers from the Duane Reade, sexual postcards to friends, favorite pen.

Earlier tonight I borrowed a bike, messenger bag, helmet and lights from Tony and Caroline, and biked from their Greenpoint apartment back to my own. The feasibility of this was encouraging. Distances and directions make much more sense to me on a bicycle; the subway, on the other hand, is a black box I incorrectly and bewilderedly emerge from at least once per round trip.

Where the fuuuuuck am I, says the expression on my face, what is that smell, what liquid just dripped on my face, where is that woman with the stroller going, did the liquid just enter my eyes, why is that child screaming, how did I get so hungry, where the fuuuuuuuuuck am I?

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  1. Shiow pointed out to me: “Um, you have only lived not-in-the-city for three seconds. ACT LIKE YOU’VE RIDDEN THE UNDERGROUND TRAINBUS BEFORE!” … To which I responded: “I GET THIS WAY IN MINNEAPOLIS IN CARS TOO I HATE THINGS THAT GO FAST I NEED TIME TO FIGURE OUT WHERE THE FUCK”

  2. The subway is the best. It’s like the T but faster, easier to figure out and way more efficient. Also, it’s the best people-watching I think I’ve ever found. I bet you’ll get the hang of it eventually and you’ll love it!

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