Days 12 and 13: Rockaway

Brendan has become my morning hot yoga buddy, which means that he’s also become my lunch-after-yoga-buddy, which means that last weekend I wound up having a Skype date in his bedroom after the veggie-filled frittata we tried to make wound up being a crustless quiche and taking over three hours to bake.

I wandered downstairs. “He says if I move here, he wants to come with me!” I said.

“Sweet!” Brendan replied. “So, two of my friends from Block Island are coming over.” He looked down at his phone. “Right now. They’re at the front door. We’re all having drinks on my porch, you’re welcome to stay.”

Which is how an 11am class on Saturday wound up stretching into coming back from Rockaway Beach around 9pm on Sunday. Good weekend.

Other lessons learned: buy real estate (nobody can afford real estate including realtors), long lines are worth it, coffee is best cold-brewed with cayenne.

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