Day 18: Postcards From a Jazz Age

This weekend Steve visited from Minneapolis, and Dennis visited from Kansas City, and because New York is all eager to impress, we crammed in as many activities as possible. Friday night we went to Sleep No More (amazing! Also, confusing!) and ate at a terrible pizzeria off the High Line, and Saturday we took a ferry to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.

Caught up in wandering the grounds and getting our pictures taken, by the time we thought about eating lunch we found the real food lines were impossibly long — stretching around the perimeter of the party and into the dance floor. So we waited for them to shorten. And waited. Dizzy and excitable by five o’clock, it suddenly occurred to us that we had only consumed St. Germain cocktails and strawberry vanilla ice cream since noon. (Other short lines: vintage hat store! Guess who was drunk at the hat table? Guess who owns a hat?)

So I offer that caveat before sending you to the full album of photos, where you will see me with a traffic cone on my head, and Dennis with his face stuck in a construction barrier, and Steve balancing on a railing, and inexplicable push-ups in the grass.

“Uhhhh . . . who wants another elderberry liquor cocktail? We’ve got to use up these goddamn tickets.”

It was a pretty good weekend.

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  1. Wait, but — they still don’t. I’m on Day 22 to post tomorrow but it’s August 24th. Not sure how that happened actually; I thought I had all days accounted for. *sad trombone*

  2. You were on the right number as of Sunday the 19th at least. Maybe the sleep deprivation caused one of the days in this week to completely vanish from your memory.

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