F@#$in’ With the Light: Part 1

Last week my dad emailed me a heads-up: he was going to set up a seamless backdrop and a couple of studio lights in a spare room at my stepmom’s office for a few days, did I want to experiment with using that? I immediately emailed pretty much all of my friends in Minneapolis.

Are you free? I have no idea what I’m doing! Can I use your face?

Surprisingly, I got a few takers.

Sarah and Adam were awesome in so many ways. First of all, they didn’t make any snide remarks about the fact that I am actually afraid of the lights (dude that electricity is intense) and at one point heaved a light behind the backdrop rather than unplug it. Second of all, they came with all kinds of ideas about costumes and alternate personalities they could take on during the shoot, which is just ridiculously fun and also kind of what I’m all about. Third, they are attractive people and difficult to make look bad.

“I brought an umbrella as a fun challenge for you!” Sarah announced. “Also can we do a Freaks and Geeks style yearbook photo?” (This may become a series: more on that by the end of the week.)

Full album: here.

Below: Sarah as rich and surly teenager, Adam as trustworthy businessman.

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