Bloody Chase

(From The Big Book of Chilling Ghost’s, by Annie Mathiowetz, age 8.)

Once there was a kitten that loved to play on graves!

One day she was walking on the graves like she always did when whack! Something was pulling on her!


She was very scared. She cried and cried for help, but every house was asleep! So that was the end of the cat, or . . .


Was it?

She finally freed herself and she still didn’t learn her lesson!

The very next day she did it again!

And the next day there was blood on the grave! But it wasn’t the kitten’s! Then the next day she saw the blood began to rise!

She went out and chased it all around the yard! And she finally caught it!

But the blood didn’t stay on the ground! It began to sink with the kitten on it!

The kitten tried to free herself but couldn’t! Not this time. She cried, she howled, but no one heard her!


And no one ever saw the kitten again! They searched the graves in every graveyard, but all they found was the blood that took the kitten in!

So the next time you see blood on a grave you better not walk on it!


(Image taken at the Mpls/St. Paul Zombie Pub Crawl. Full album: here.)

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  1. You were clearly always destined for literary greatness!

    Last night I was reading those Scary Stories to tell in the Dark books. Those stories, and especially the illustrations they have, pretty much defined my concept of ‘terrifying’ when I was around 8.

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