On Which Musical Genre Should We Build This City?

We were standing at the top of the Foshay Tower when it hit me. Josh was pointing at the liquor store they had just stopped at the other day, Joanna at her favorite pizza place. The city teetered below us, sparkling like a giant pinball machine, and I thought: “I know who owns that place. My friend hosts that show. I went to a talk last week, and met the people behind that event, asked them questions.”

My generation is no longer our cities’ doe-eyed, shuttled participants. We’re starting to reach the age that grants us the possibility to create these places. We’re developing the next thing you attend. We’re making and opening and directing and managing, and this involvement, this ability to be involved, may truly connect us to a sense of home.

Full album from the Northern Spark Outdoor Arts Festival (first year): here.

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