Deadliest Warrior

“Do you remember waking up last night?” he asked.
“I woke up last night?”
“Yeah. You were sitting on the side of the bed.”
“I was sitting on the side of the bed?”
“So I asked you where you were going, and you said ‘nowhere.'”
“Were my eyes open?”
“It was too dark in the room to see you fully.”
“What did you see?”
“You were sitting on the side of the bed, facing away from me.”
“And then what?”
“I asked you ‘Why are you sitting up?’ and you said ‘Because I murdered you.'”
“I said what?”
“And I said ‘You murdered me! Why did you murder me?’ And you said ‘We fought one hundred battles, one thousand times, and I won.'”

Image by Janaka. Full album taken with our “ghost camera”: here.

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