The Frostbite Ball

I got home around midnight, but I stayed up another two hours taking pictures of myself, since I’m apparently (vain) the only model I know how to work with.

Which is something I’d like to change, so if you’re ever in the mood to have some ridiculous costumed photos taken, perhaps out in a blizzard or all up in some birch trees, do send me an email.

Also fun: the Traveling Photobooth shots, pearls are a source of sorrow, and with all these riches, you could prescribe me anything.

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  1. Nice,great eyelashes!

    The second photos has a strong resemblance to a Hedy Lamarr photo from the 1930’s. Minus the color of course.

    Don’t ask me how I know such things, my mind is clogged with useless information. Believe me ,, I have tried to clean house but I end up dazed and confused.

  2. The first link under “favorite” was the photos i had in mind.

    The first photo of you should be on a wine bottle. A bottle with real dark glass containing a wine called “Sophisticated Lady”.

    Or publish your own photo journal . This would be a GREAT cover shot.

    I used to be a photo editor for a couple different publications and you have the right ideas with a great eye.

    keep up the good work.


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