Postcards From a Composition Class

“Adrianne wtf seriously where have you been?” Guys! Guys I’ve been in a photo composition class! Well okay. That was just today. But you know how I like to do: I haven’t written in ages so I ply you with eye sweets at first. Happy Easter.

So here are some random things and people I shot today, after someone said “here’s what the rule of thirds means: go out and have fun for two hours.” I don’t know what his definition of fun is, but mine involves trespassing, climbing garbage piles, slithering under entranceways, and making strange demands of people I’ve just met.

Do any of them follow the rule of thirds? I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely clear. But it’s funny how you can still find photos you like to take, even on a grey day at noon in North Minneapolis, even when you don’t know how to shoot that, even when you’re not inspired, at all. Best lesson all day.

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