Long Distance

For a good fifteen minutes, it had appeared as though this wasn’t going to work: we tried hanging up and calling back a few times, but inevitably the Skype window would blink open and all I would see was green snow, tumbling down my monitor in aggravated swirls. “Can you see me yet?” you’d ask.

We’d resigned ourselves to it, another way to miss contact. Then I heard some rustling, your hands moving chords. “Wait!” you said. “I think I’ve figured it out.”

And suddenly there you were — green-eyed, bearded now, wearing some unreadable expression — hesitancy maybe, an unfamiliar shyness. “Oh!” I said, hands flying to my face. “I can see you, I can see you.”

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  1. For a moment I was beginning to think that you were stuck in the Matrix. Help Morpheus I need an exit fast!! Yes Trinity!

    AH just joking, my attempt at humor. I am a big Matrix fan.

    All joking aside, technology can be a strange but beautiful thing!!

    I am glad it worked for you.

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