It’s Fun To Wear Things

1.) Summer dresses are the paragon of beauty and all, but when it comes to feeling womanly, I prefer a high below 60 degrees: there’s nothing like a pair of heeled boots (preferably with wooden soles).

bullshit clothes.”

3.) My new favorite thing about living with my sister: the sounds of bemused disgust that accompany my favorite outfits. “What the fuuuuuuuck,” she sighed at first sight of knee-high moccasins. (Her enthusiastic approval or disapproval is how I gauge much of my success in dressing for the day — no reaction and I have failed.)

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  1. I’ve seen all these pictures of you in fall/wintery clothes but I’ve only known you in person during the summer.

    We need to have a snowball fight or something to remedy this.

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