I Am Always Leaving

I am moving to Minneapolis. Did I mention I’m moving to Minneapolis? In . . . 21 days. I’m selling my bike. I’m hopping on a 2-day Amtrak with six checked boxes and a travel pillow, and on August 1st I’m moving into a two bedroom apartment with my sister and her tiny dog. Right by the lakes. Two of them.

There’s plenty here I’m conscious of leaving behind, and plenty more I’m sure I’ll discover once I’m separated from it.

But, here it is. It’s what I need to do. Here is the post I will reread, the one I wrote before it all went wrong.

(Hey! What’s upppp Minnesota! Who’s joining me for a picnic at the Rose Gardens? Two dollar movies? Christmas trees we’ll actually chop down? I will buy a reading chair and I will stick it by my window and write you notes, becoming the kind of person who reads the newspaper, the kind of person who can just sit and listen to music. Every birthday present I send will arrive, nearly, on time.)

Image by Jurvis.

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