Postcards From The Slutcracker

Cast-wise, the show was nearly twice as big this year, with twice as many performances. Sundays — days of both matinee and evening shows — got to be a little rough. On our last Sunday, between our second-to-last and last performance, I managed to get thoroughly wasted off a single free beer from the theatre lobby, stumble down into the basement, and pass out on one of the dressing room couches. When I awoke, someone was querying: “is it true Lacy has six toes on each foot?”

“I think . . . she has four,” came the response.

This party is out of control (Larger)

Controls (Larger)

Pixy Dust and Lolli Hoops (Larger)

“We were worried,” Sugar said at one of our curtain calls, “that, this year, with the added performances and with it being a repeat of last year, that some of the magic would be gone. That you guys would get here and just go through the motions but not really feel it, or that some of the excitement would have to go away. And it just hasn’t happened. The magic of this is still here.”

The massive gold curtain swayed heavily behind her, and behind it, the massive red curtain, and behind it, a 900 seats of jostling, whispers, cat calls.

Your penis hat is dented (Larger)

Pas De Trois (Larger

When I started this adventure a year ago, I had no idea what to expect. I worried I get on the stage half-naked and suddenly scream, run for the nearest exit. I felt alien around these new people, and stayed distant. I tried to be observant. I snuck pictures. I didn’t come here, as the reality show saying goes, to make friends. And I wound up, as one of our cast members wrote recently, finding my tribe.

“Oooh hoo, look at this!” someone cried at a party this weekend. “Lacy Gazelle is actually touching people!”

Well. That’s another adventure entirely.

P.S. what do you think of the new watermark/logo? A friend whipped it up for me the other day. People who can just create things in Photoshop blow my mind.

Full album: here.

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  1. Sounds grueling! Your exertions and sacrifices are appreciated by your devoted slut public.

    The watermark is pretty cool too.

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