A Clandestine Nighttime Location, Downtown

Maria and Steve’s pre-wedding shindig was at the church across the street from the Walker Museum, and afterwards Jurvis and I snuck down to the best place in the world. I really don’t think this ever closes at night.

We ran into five drunk teenagers on our way in, but otherwise had the place to ourselves.

Unfortunately, two minutes later it began raining. Violently. We wrapped my camera in his shirt and ran.

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  1. schweet. I love that you guys went there! The group of drunken teenagers sound like they might be some kind of alt.kvetch. Timewarped alt.kvetch yeah!

  2. I attempted to have a romantic date there (sometime in college, maybe?) and a garbled PA system told us the Sculpture Gardens was closing. I’m pretty sure the date ended with Taco Bell and a somewhat-decent make out session…so not a total bust :)

    That was the only time I’ve been told to leave despite having been there at random starlit hours before and since. It is a magical place!

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