The Days Are Just Packed

Why, hello. If you’re in the area and you like boobs, you are cordially invited to stop by Central Square on June 27th. And/or! Do join us July 1st at the House of Blues for Richard Cheeeeeeese!

Boiling Point Burlesque

If you’re not in the area but you’re nearish and you like boobs, you should take the Acela Express and crash on our couch and let us make you eggs and coffee in the morning. And finally, if you’re absolutely godforsaken nowhere near the area, we’d like to ask that you move closer: because frankly this missing you is getting ridiculous.

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  1. What, like I’m going to lure you with “jump on a Greyhound for five hours if traffic’s good”? Sometimes I just like to pretend we’re all rich.

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