What Are You For: Instant Message Poetry

And to celebrate the transition from poetry month into bicycle riding month (I’m all about commemorative periods of time lately?), here’s a poem that branched off an instant message exchange earlier this morning. For Angie, who was having the kind of day that caused her to ask “What Am I For, What Is I.”

You Are For Hula Hooping

And For Experimenting With New Cameras, the
glossy boxes full of shaped glass that arrived in your mailbox today, carefully cushioned in packaged air you are for

Your Garden,
a chainlink fenced in square which, before you was weeds, wildflowers, dry
dirt and now look just look! you are for

Water Fountains In Parks
Credit Ratings and The Machines Who Keep Track Of Your Credit Ratings,
Supermarkets and The Machines Who Keep Track Of Supermarkets

Honeydew Melons and Unskinned Rabbits and That Goat Cheese
Which Traveled By Plane, Train Automobile All The Way From France
Just For You
To Spread It On A Cracker, Today

You Are For
Quitting Jobs Sometimes, Oversleeping Sometimes, Forgetting To
Feed The Fish Sometimes

You Are For Traffic Signs and the way they’d point us —

Left, right, up, down, the mandala of
the rotary late night last summer

When I’d forgotten how to ride a bicycle
but you adjusted my helmet
and we went out the door.

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  1. Lovely.Right to the heart. Thank you, Angie, for inspiring. Thank you, Adrianne, for capturing the magic in your writing.

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