On Living Together

I was snuggled on the couch and spying on my handsome boyfriend, who was sitting at the table in the other room and finishing dinner at the time. Look at that guy, being all handsome, I thought, as he took a gulp of water. Look at him, drinking that water. Look at that olive complexioned neck. Look at those bear-heaving shoulders. What a beautiful thing. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I wish that I carved statues, so I could carve a statue of this man, eating dinner like that.

Jurvis turned to face me, tilting his head. “I am going to poop rice krispie bars,” he announced. “Fully formed.”

“. . . What? Don’t look so disgusted. I know you’re impressed.”

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    Hahahaha….. hahahahbahbahbaahahahahahahaha!

    Jurvis is my new favorite person.

  2. Huahahahaha!! I just read this out loud and Megan said it sounds familiar. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Hurr hurr

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