The Angels Dig My . . . Plaid, Too

I’m always surprised when things don’t last forever: especially as I form emotional attachments to them which only grow stronger the longer they’re around. Ah well! Out with the old! In with the new!

See how freaking shiny these boots are? That is amazing. And comfortable, too — I went out dancing in them, to the rave reviews of some old dude. If we could own nothing but rain boots for footwear, stores would be amazing; because no other type of shoe gets to both look freaking insanely adorable and be functional. It just doesn’t happen in nature.

(Unfortunately, I should add that my very first broken heart has apparently left me a jaded and distrustful woman. Rain boots can leak? What the fuck is that about? Now with every step, even now, in my completely new, completely more comfortable, in-many-ways-superior rain boots — I wonder if this is the day they’ll betray me.)

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