Somewhere, Out There

A few months ago, one of Jurvis’ friends sent us a link to the music video of Francis and The Lights’ “The Top”, directed by Jake Schreier. I loved it the first time I saw it. The second time I saw it I loved it some more. Now it’s in my bookmarks bar at the top of my browser, and any time I click on it — about once a week — I watch it at least three times in a row, sometimes more.

In short, this video has kind of driven me insane. I keep trying to share it with other people the way it was shared with me — I explain beforehand that it was filmed on 35mm, with him singing live, and it was just one take — but nobody else seems to really dig it. “Meh,” they say. “Is this guy serious?” they ask. “I don’t really like how he’s not Prince,” they add.

The more I watch, the more difficult I find it to believe that you haven’t fallen in love with this. Seriously? Anyone? (Download the full-screenable mp4 here).

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  1. Fun video. I want to know how they got that one bulb not to burst at the end – that’s the coolest thing about it.

    Also, this guy looks like Vincent Gallo & Michael Richards procreated.

  2. Count me in among the hooked. Mesmerized…played it twice immediately…resisting a third time…afraid I will not be able to quit.
    Perhaps Gallo & Richards had a menage a trois with John Turturro.

  3. Peter — just watched it. Love, love.

    (And I recall an earlier post of yours, in which you decried the overabundance of internet commentary — the first comment on that video right now is “she is the hottest plus-sized lady out there.” I nearly lost it.)

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