We sold out a 900-seat theater all three nights, and had an 800-count audience for our freaking Sunday matinee. Somerville Theatre wants more. (I’ll be at a wedding this weekend, but I imagine the show will survive.)

Don’t worry, mom and dad: you can almost see my boobs in one of these clips, but not quite.

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  1. If I were to say, “The show isn’t the only thing that got extended!” would that be too obvious? Probably so, huh? Damn it, I always screw these things up.

  2. Why aren’t you in more of these clips?!?!? You’re by far the HOTTEST one in the show. Without you, they’re not going to sell out anything!

    Too bad the deep south doesn’t support this kind of creativity. I would be so in for participating in this kind of entertainment.

    Way to go duckie! I’m totally showing this off to my friends as I type this… You’re gonna be famous both north and south of the Mason-Dixon!

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