We Were Rooting For You

We sat on chairs, couches, pillows, floors, we stood in lines against the stair railing — we watched CNN, NBC, and even Fox to see what they were saying about you. And, apropos for our generation, we happened to be watching The Daily Show when your projected victory was officially announced.

It’s odd, getting news like that on Comedy Central. For what seemed like ages, we just stared at the graphic they’d thrown onto our screen. “Wait, seriously?” someone said.

Then, as if one cue, the whole room erupted in screams, applause, and hollers. We awaited your speech. (Full album.)

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  1. I certainly tried my best to make you proud. It was so much better than 2004, in the gringo bar in Ecuador, watching people’s souls die as the results came in.

    Funny election story: I was canvassing in Hopkins and this very nice old white man answers the door with a smile. I ask him who he’s voting for and he joyously replies “The black boy!”

  2. Hi, I’m a friend of a friend who reads your blog a lot but never comments… I love it, by the way. And the reason I chose to comment now is because of how amazing that photo is. It so perfectly captures how we all felt! I live in Chicago and had spent the whole of Election Day canvassing in Indiana, and at night I had people over at my house and my fiance had a last minute ticket to the party in Grant Park (I really wish I’d ditched my friends and gone down there too but it was just one of those things) and…didn’t it all just happen so fast?? We were chatting and laying on the floor and eating my sister’s apple pie with the stars on top and suddenly– he won! He won! And I barely remember anything after that except that by the time he actually spoke I was on the couch alone, crying with happiness.

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