Four Stories on Waiting

Last Tuesday evening, I sent a quote around asking some talented awesome people if they wanted to write a short story about it. “P.S.,” I said. “it’s due in three days.” To my surprise, people did: and to no one’s surprise, the stories are awesome. Here they are: four stories on Waiting.

Waiting was something he disliked these days because it made him realize how much time he had on his hands. — Armand ML Inezian, “See Me”

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And hey. That was fun. Want in on the next prompt? Want out? Email me, or just keep an eye on the ol’ blog.

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  1. OK, damn it. I don’t get jealous easily. (really, I can give you references) You guys make me GREEN. But god gives some of us the compulsion to say a lot, while denying us the talent to distill good from backscatter. Very funny, your almightiness. As a consolation prize he/she/it lets us appreciate talent in the ones with ability. Really well done.

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