In Which I Am Discovered

I just stumbled upon my first criticism from the reading public! It is on a funeral industry/management blog.


You do find the most unusual stuff in your voyage thru the net. I liked the office site, but I don’t get the chick writing about the funeral. She must be one of those artsy-fartsy folks I do not relate to particulary [sic] well.

Interesting stuff, that.

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  1. Friend (don’t know your name):
    I, myself, enjoyed the piece and that’s why I mentioned it on my blog.
    Of course, my readers have some of their own opinions (pesky, I know) and aren’t afraid to voice them.
    I still don’t ‘get’ the piece, but I just meant to say that I don’t understand why it was written and how it fits into a larger story.
    But I like it, which may be why I used the word “evocative” when I described it.
    Plus, I like the funky way you added Figure 1 and Figure 2 to the story. Fresh.

  2. I also really like it!

    And speaking of the funeral industry, there is a posting on Craigslist in Raleigh from someone who is looking for a job ‘either in a church or a funeral parlor’. Oh, CL.

  3. I have been feeling really creepy all day because I have been reading your blog all day, chronologically, at a temp job, filling in for a receptionist. I’m tired of everything on the internet except reading this right now.

    I really like it and I’m sad I only have 30 more minutes before I go home and have to do something else. I wish it was a book I could annotate. Instead I just write comments and feel creepy. But thank you for making this day 100% less painful! I found you using google in the midst of a bout of the sporadic paranoia I have about my IUD, and after you totally cleared that up, and several hours into reading, I started to wonder if maybe moving to the East Coast would help me make friends like you.

    Creepy, I know. But I’m trying to be honest. Maybe this should have been an email. I included my website this time so at least you could stalk me back if you were creeped out or curious. You make me want to write more.

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