Hold Me, I’m Nervous

In ten short days, I’m submitting this week’s Branches story (#5) to the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Contest. I just started it tonight, (Note: tardy as usual. Man, beginning anything is terrifying. Before you know it — perhaps in a matter of minutes, seconds! — it could become something riddled with faults, and faulty creations beg complete, occasionally enraged attention. This tends to make me entirely unpleasant to be around. I never understood some writers’ aversion to the delete key. Oh sweetest relief, purest salvation! It’s all those other keys that have me worried.) but it can’t be posted here until October 31st when winners are announced.

I’ve found that this whole “requiring first publishing rights” concept goes violently against the instincts I’ve honed over the developing years. My first desire when I really like something I’ve done, or if I’m not sure if I really like something I’ve done, is to smear it all over the internet. See what strangers have to say. Instant gratification! Hello, world! “Not cool!” say respectable publishers.

But seriously, I don’t know how I’ll handle that. So how about this: want me to email you a short story? You’d be free to email me back with comments, or say nothing at all. It will be just like a blog post (note to potential publishers: this will not be like a blog post at all): in your inbox. Baby steps. I’d feel so much better just knowing you saw it.

Email me or comment if you’re interested.

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