New Bicycle Party!

Wouldn’t you know, that the day my new bicycle finally arrives, after weeks of delay and miscommunications, after years of fear regarding the Boston city streets, after studying maps and sizing helmets and coming to terms with my mortality, I leave my apartment to pick up said bicycle — and halfway there a man cuts in front of me on the sidewalk, walking his bike.

At first I just think he just happens to have the body type of a sea anemone, with a tuft of strange hair emerging from a head slightly less wide than his head, and an oceanic wobble wobble to his walk. But then I realize he is wearing a neck brace. When he looks back to check for cars, his eyes wander in different directions.

And we walk like this, with him maintaining position a block or so in front of me, escorting his bicycle — wobble wobble wobble — nearly the entire way to Porter Square.

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  1. A wicked nice one for sure. Pics, specs, etc will be coming soon I reckon. Meanwhile I sit alone beside it in the middle of the night, slowly drowning in that new bike envy. She hasn’t gotten a lock yet. I could be to Worcester by morning…

  2. You do realize that the random stranger was probably hit by a car on his bike… thus the brace (let me tell you a thing or two about how NOT fun braces are) and busted bike. Be careful!! Bikes are dangerous!! I’m scared for you…

    Now, what in the hell is Jurvis doing up at 2am?!?! Is it a midwest thing to have to be at work by 7:30am (and not be employed by a coffee shop)?!?!?! Way past this grandma’s bedtime…

  3. Oh, yeah- sorry- a typo!! I meant, “fantastically dangerous”!!!!

    Still scared for you… and your kitty that you attempt to place in fridges… maybe instead you should place him in a small bag with enough room to keep his head poking out, and sling that over the handle bars so that he can ride with you where ever you go!! Swingswingswing… BUMP IN THE ROAD!! Kitty can fly!! Sorry Jack, but you can thank Iky and the youth of two young girls for that bright idea.

  4. Wow. That’s an, um, interesting idea. But I would think Adrianne wouldn’t want her cat flying at random into the street more for the potential risk Jack presents to passing motorists.

    Cars aren’t really so bad, especially not in Cambridge. At least you don’t have to put up with two biggest pains of biking in NYC: NY cabs and NJ drivers.

  5. don’t worry! i rode a bike in boston every day for two years. boston is the best biking city. drivers are relatively considerate and aware, you have tons of bike paths, and everything is small and flat flat flat (all things that are completely the opposite now that i am in LA, argh). i miss biking in boston so much. you will do wonderfully, and i am jealous.

  6. Adrianne! Pics pics pics? I <3 bicycles. I just got stitches from an accident, but I was trying to ride 2 bikes at the same time, so maybe I deserved it?

  7. Ardianne, it is wholly unfair of you to mention getting a new bike without also posting componentry and pics from multiple angles. Honestly!

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