Be Cool, Stay in School

Here is the kind of asshole I was on Tuesday afternoon: hogging an entire booth in a crowded coffee shop for six hours, nursing a single iced latte, all to catch up on a simple subject you breezed through in middle school while I was too busy writing terrible poetry and pining for Matt Anderson.

I was also taking the kind of notes I should have taken in eighth grade, because I don’t remember any of this shit.

How I Went About It
How I Went About It (Larger)

Quarks? Where was I the day we learned about quarks? Also, do you have any idea how creepy my Google history is, now that I’ve tried to write some pretentious story about nuclear fusion?

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  1. Apparently they only cover the Standard Model in MN middle schools. The rest of us have to wait until college… or perhaps an accelerated AP Physics course.

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