Reflections From a Last Day

They were very sweet. At my going-away party on Tuesday (“what is that,” a friend asked, “Boone’s Farm Black?”), Jake snapped this photo with his phone. There were roses. Roses! And marble cake.

Today was my official last day. My laptop was cleared, my last podcast put up with no fanfare. I walked the mile home, set my purse down, and then opened my computer to see this picture. And I was suddenly overcome with horror.

“My . . . God,” I realized. “This is the kind of picture that is taken before it all went wrong.”

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  1. Roses! When people have their last day here, they get a one-line email, mass distributed a day or two AFTER their last day, telling everyone that it is with “mixed emotions” management is announcing that so and so has left the company…

    Which, may result in former employees going out to consume an entire bottle of Boone’s Farm after that kind of treatment. Funny how, either way, cheap wine is consumed after departing a job.

  2. i’m sure it is with the cliched “mixed emotions” leaving, but congrats! for real, that RAWKS! miss you…

  3. On my last day at my job before this, I sent one of the higher managers an email saying, “I’ll miss you too, Paul.” And I was totally, obviously being VERY sarcastic. So as last days go, you got lucky. :)

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