Email to Dennis, Upon Our Return

Greetings from … well, I wish I could still say Costa Rica, but last night we returned, significantly browner and peelier than a week before.

As a result of that trip, I am now a little bit more fond of monkeys, a little less fond of cats — which were feral and whining about it everywhere — and much more fond of paved, straight roads, which were stomach-lurchingly absent in our area. Also, I want a pony. (Whenever we wanted to go somewhere, we drove on dirt roads through green hills dappled with white oxen, grey-spotted horses and unicorns, apparently. It was always sunset, and there were always mountains in the background. I began to harbor fantasies of owning a ranch. It would have an wooden gate painted bright orange, and every morning I would enjoy a breakfast of Cream of Wheat with black coffee.)

(Step one: stop hating Cream of Wheat.)

(Step two: stop hating coffee black.)

How’s springtime in Kansas City? It’s kind of nice to be back home in Boston, even if it is a bit chilly and forecasted to rain for the next week. I like to think that I attained a level of zen in Costa Rica, because when a car tried to plow through me this morning in the middle of a crosswalk with a walk signal, my inclination to give him the middle finger was almost cavalier, dispassionate, like a friendly tip o’ the hat to his douchebaggery.

Sometimes I worry that I’ll become too accustomed to this city.

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  1. Your “tip o’ the hat to his douchebaggery” quote just made my day- quite possibly my week as well. Nice work!!

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