The Security Update

This is perhaps the cruelest security question I have ever set for myself. The question, in being asked, manifests its correct answer.

Security Question

Favorite teacher? Favorite pet? Mother’s maiden name? No other query has proven to be as steadfast in its ability to simultaneously log me into my bank account and ruin my day.

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  1. The answer is, as always, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

    All the more awesome would be if immediately after answering the question, your credit union rickrolls you.

  2. What’s your answer??? I want access to your bank account. And your madness.

    One that bugged me the other day was “What is the name of your first ex-boyfriend?”. The number of people who retroactively deserve the term ‘ex-boyfriend’ really varies depending on how charitable I’m feeling that day.

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