Something’s Fishy In The State of The Internet

This morning I woke up to discover that all my WordPress plugins had been deactivated. “That’s odd!” I thought. “Oh well, let’s not think about it.” I reactivated them and went along my merry way.

But, um, now, I notice that my pages are missing. You know. Like my “about” page. And my “archives” page, formerly linked at the top of this here index page. They’re not to be found at all, so I can’t just reactivate them. I may have to rebuild them from scratch.

And this is perfect timing, because in one hour I leave for Costa Rica, to be gone and internetless for one week. So if I’ve been haxx0red and you stumble in here one day to find something disagreeable to your workplace, color me sunburned. Backing this up now, and here’s hoping for next Wednesday.

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  1. Pages found (by Todd, thanks Todd)! And for the most part restored, but with some goofy template issue on the archives.

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