Snow, Pixels and Projects

It snowed all day today and still hasn’t stopped, big soft flakes floating all down the east coast. Cars squealed and spun along Spring Hill, and I wore my red rubber boots.

“This is a beautiful city,” I thought, pausing mid-tromp through a particularly large white dune. “I would like to make snow forts in it.”


Oh hey, have Photo Booth on your computer? A cell phone? A ten dollar digital camera keychain? A desire to document this time in your life, for some reason? View and/or join the Flickr group here.

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  1. i’m starting to break into photography — once i get my digital act together i’ll jump on this.

    have you noticed in all those pictures how often half of your face is covered? maybe nothing, just me looking.

  2. I’ve been telling photography for years to use the deadbolt. It’s right there on the door. Serves them right if people start breaking in.

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