New Project . . . in Photo Booth

I was very nearly about to join the Nameless Blog Challenge: I had written out my comment, with my link and solemn oath to post every day. Thankfully I realized it just in time: wait, you’ve done that before. And it did not make for publishable material — which is too bad, because it was all published.

So, I offer another challenge! For myself and anyone who would care to join.

The Fifth Stage
The Fifth Stage of January

A series of self-portraits, themed “my environment”. Using Photo Booth — or some crappy webcam/old-school digital camera equivalent — only. No Photoshopping or altering of images (except to add borders because everyone knows borders are awesome). How decent/interesting could these possibly look? Let’s find out!

Due when it’s done. If anyone else is interested but uncertain about where/how to upload, check out flickr or email me, I hook you up. More coming.

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  1. shit, you’re totally right. i signed up for the contest, but your post reminded me of the months and months of horrible posts i made last time–and honestly i have no desire to repeat that.

    i have to get out!

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