How We Do Breakfast

I haven’t always been “a breakfast person”. But apparently I am now. Actually, it’s kind of gotten out of control.

A typical Saturday morning in Somerville.

Last year it took us about an hour to make our breakfasts: now we’ve got the routine down to twenty-five minutes. You should come over some time, and gain five pounds with us.

Update: now with overly-detailed notes, here!

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  1. I think this may be one way in which Tony and I failed at Bard. On rare occasion, we made the crap out of some breakfast. But we didn’t bring it with the kind of consistency we should have. Now Ruth and I really want to have a bunch party, but we keep procrastinating on hooking it up.

    Ruth’s brother Leon is also “not a breakfast person.” I don’t even understand what that means. “You mean you don’t like delicious things?”

    Meanwhile: poached eggs are easy. The hard part is hollandaise sauce.

  2. me and Rachel were just talking about attempting homemade hollondaise sauce. My omelet making skills are finally benefiting from years of practice, but sadly there’s been nary a pancake to be seen in my kitchen since about when I graduated from Bard.

  3. Brian introduced me to the wonders of turkey bacon, french press coffee, and the breakfast burrito. I introduced him to sleeping late. I think we’re about even.

  4. Pancakes have always given me a stomach ache. I have tried so many times to eat them, because they look so goddamn delicious. Sadness usually results.

    Actually, the only exception to this rule was Tony’s banana pancakes, presumably because they’re made with cocaine. Who can get enough cocaine? Nobody. Point being, Tony, you should come over and make us pancakes. And Monica should come over and make omelets, because they are technically impossible.

  5. Pancakes give you stomach aches? That is depressing. Waffles don’t have the same effect? That is baffling.

    Perhaps the problem is the bottle of Log Cabin Sugary Goo you’ve got hiding behind the ketchup. That stuff will give you a soul ache.

  6. Waffles don’t have the same effect. I’m a medical mystery.

    I’ve been meaning to buy real maple syrup since we moved in September.

  7. Fresh ground pepper ? weakness. It = happiness.

    Also, for the record, I am not even *slightly* impressed. But the french press pot is adorable (i didn’t even recognize it for one at first). Now go get a grinder that costs twice as much as the press. And some real coffee, dammit.

  8. Peet’s coffee, check. Although Jurvis claims it tastes “burned”. Anything I could be doing to it to cause that?

    The french press is a standard french press pot, actually — it just has a hand towel wrapped around it to keep the coffee hot.

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