The Circle House

“I bet I’m totally sketching this entire neighborhood out,” I said, as I clambered from the corpse pose I’d been awkwardly attempting on the sidewalk. I like to think that my photographing self-consciousness is mostly unwarranted. Nobody actually cares if you’re taking pictures of things. Cameras give you license to look as awkward as possible without being labeled insane.

Approaching Circle House
Approaching Circle House

“Yeah, no, I think you kind of were,” Jurvis responded. He’d been standing there as I crept around the circle house, knelt in between cars and pushed frozen dog crap out of my way. And as I took those pictures, at the window of every surrounding house a hand pushed a curtain out of the way: a face appeared, watching.

Bigger, better: once, twice, three time’s the charm.

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  1. As we have come to expect. Composition, use of positive and negative space, lighting, sense of place and point of view – all there. Are you sure you don’t want to go back and change your major? If you only knew the total crap I was shooting at your age, you’d lose any remaining respect you might have for my work. Crap you will never see by the way. Editing is all.

  2. Thanks so much for the pictorial follow-up. It’s like Dorothea Lange stumbled some kind of gussied-up, fussy grain silo. And what’s with those weird periscopic vents? Is this a “moving castle?” Maybe there’s anime inside! On the plus side, it’s got to be easy to light. And sweep out…

    Oh! Could it be one of those power transformer stations they used to build in neighborhoods and disquise them as houses? I’ve seen some very weird examples of this on boing boing.

  3. Unrelated:

    My assistant was down on her/his/herself yesterday and I told her your aphorism about therapy: batshit vs. no prescription pad. It really calmed her down and I’m glad you found the words for it!

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