Official Cat Update

In case you were wondering whether or not Jurvis and I still have a kitten: yes. Yes we do. Or rather, we have a massive wild lynx that eats, behaves and snuggles like a kitten, and we’re assuming it’s the same creature we brought into our home two months ago.

Jack goes on a tear every night between eleven and one in the morning, playing parkour with the furniture and curtains. His favorite thing to do is “the running slide”: this mostly occurs on the wood floors between rugs, but has also been known to happen on the coffee table (he gets a head start from the kitchen) — resulting in laptops, beverages, papers exploding in all directions. His pet peeve is objects resting on surfaces, and also, his own tail. He will chase it for much longer than is generally considered dignified, mewing like a banshee. Our lower neighbor’s pet peeve is all of the above habits: almost every night our floor thunders with his pounding.

I’ve never met him, but twice I’ve dreamed of going downstairs and knocking on his door to apologize.

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