Adrianne is Surprised

Here’s a fun way to find out that your high school sweetheart got married last weekend: through the Facebook status update of his little sister. “Hey, she’s a sister-in-law now, eh? Well that’s exciting for her. Oh, wait a minute . . .”

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  1. I also enjoyed typing the name of a former crush of mine who got engaged into the Macy’s Couple’s Registry and looking at the candlesticks and bedspreads his fiance picked out. FYI, they were ugly.

  2. Im sorry to hear that, yet also congratulatory… for two reasons… one to him… and also, because you are the first person (at least that I know of) to mention this new social phenomena that will probably soon be a normal thing in all of our lives… as normal as gift registries have become, now we just need some sort of hip trendy name for it…

  3. tell. me. about it.

    facebook has given me more reasons to sit there with a dumbfounded look on my face about the state of the world than fox news ever could.

    most of my married facebook friends are younger than me considerably. but my first girlfriend ever got married a few months ago. i was invited, but without a “+1” option. what the eff?

  4. Adrianne, this made me laugh so hard.

    Will you be in beantown when I get there?

    Also, I accept your poofight invation in theory, but not in practice … I hate adding facebook apps.

  5. So I finally signed up for facebook, and scrolled through a myraid list of bard students from my year, and another list of people I went to highschool with, and…didn’t want to be facebook friends with ANY of them. It kind of made me sad, because look at all the people who have passed through my life and yet whom I feel nothing for. But it was kind of good, in a ‘I guess I’m friends with everyone I actually want to be friends with’ kind of way.

  6. Molly, little grasshopper: Facebook is not for finding old friends! It’s for finding old acquaintances, so that you can track their life development and determine WHO WON. It’s like a glorified hot-or-not.

  7. I found out through a twitter update, and after a little internet stalking, found out that My First was marrying the girl he left me for when I was 17. He had told me never to speak to him again, per the girl’s request. 10 years of silence later he adds me on twitter a few weeks before his wedding, sends me a message, “I’m following you on twitter, if that’s okay” and I’m 17 again.

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