Nom Nom Nom

“I thought you said you were going to put his entire head in your mouth.” “What? No way, that’d be disgusting!” “That’s what you said — I thought you could do that.” “No, no, I just put part of his head in my mouth.” “Can you try this time, for the picture?” “Uh, I don’t really like the idea of his mouth being inside of my mouth.”

Sad Jack Sad Jack

Ah well. I wouldn’t have done it either. But for the record, out kitten was adequately displeased regardless. (See another, blurrier attempt here.)

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  1. For the record, I’m not afraid of the cats mouth in my mouth. I’m afraid of his fangs in my mouth. I’ve grown attached to my tongue and uvula.

  2. I wouldn’t want the cat’s mouth in my mouth. Most cats seem to drink toilet water. You would have second hand toilet water in your mouth.

  3. We keep the toilet seat down, so he just sits on top of the toilet. But he does refuse to drink any water in the designated “water bowl” and instead enjoys squishing his wee head into our water glasses. Never leave one on the floor if you plan on drinking out of it later.

  4. Water glasses are the new toilet!

    Really though, so many cats I know don’t want to drink out of their own bowls, but prefer to scavenge from water glasses around the house, to the point that one friend of mine had certain designated mugs and glasses that she left around full of water for the cat.

    He thinks he’s people!

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