A Playbill

Bright-tailed and bushy-eyed we
wandered into the circus
as performers this time! —

Fluttering our acrylic eyelashes at the audience, swirling
candy hula-hoops around our hips, lighting everything

on fire

and flashing smiles that could kill.

Your raven hairline accentuated with sequins and
legs in matte lavender tights, we
are certainly an odd pair

an odd affair

Five eyes, three legs, a blue elephant,
an emu and a llama, King Tut risen from the dead

(I asked you once how you did that
You said it was as much an illusion as anything else,
and proceeded to water the flowers)

a procession of snakes, a unicorn, and of course the love of your life
standing faithfully by your side

I spin on my one leg en pointe like a top
and the audience bursts into feverish applause

You are walking the tightrope
She is holding your hand.

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