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In the dream my boyfriend was trying to murder me, and as I stood poised by the slowly-opening door with a shard of glass in my hand, I realized that the entire thing could be forgotten if I would just wake up.

“Wake up,” I repeated in the dream. “Adrianne, you’re dreaming, wake up.”

I stirred in the bed. No dice. Stupid sleeping self. How could I get through? I started shouting, throwing things around, giving long monologues on reality.

“I know,” Dream-Adrianne realized. “I’ll send her an instant message.” She went over to her laptop, which was conveniently located in the rooftop shed she was hiding in, opened Adium and began typing.

A window suddenly popped up over her with a friendly “ding!” New message!

“Dude you’re dreaming. You are not being murdered. Jurvis is slumbering peacefully next to you, and the kitten is gnawing on your arm. Wake the #$%^ up already omg this sux, srsly k?”

I LOLed, and my eyes popped open.

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  1. That reminds me of when my friend told me that she didn’t know where to find the kidney beans in her kitchen pantry, and she thought, ‘I know! I will google kidney beans and that will tell me where they are. No, wait…’

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