Ruth and Todd Get Hitched

Granted, it was like a month ago, so we could consider it old news. But . . . new pictures, kinda! See the full album here.

Get Your Nails Did
Get your nails did.

Down the Hill
Running down the hill.

X-Ray Bathroom
Rachel and x-ray bathroom.

Figuring that high quantity was statistically more likely to result in some quality, I took seven hundred pictures at that wedding, and hoped for the best. (*Note: above album does not link to all seven hundred images. I would not do this to you.) I think this wound up giving pretty satisfactory results, but it had side effects. When I closed my eyes that night to go to sleep, the shutter wouldn’t turn off. Image after image flashed on my eyelids: zoom in, click, darkness, open, zoom out, click, darkness, open, over and over and over with things I’d never even seen.

I laid there, motionless in the dark of our 5-person hotel room, wishing I was storing these in a 4GB memory card somewhere.

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  1. Thanks again for the amazing pictures! There are ton more from the set of 700 that we like a lot. Maybe we’ll put those up somewhere?

  2. Feel free! Or, if you want me to adjust colors/contrast etc like these, just let me know file names/numbers and I’ll add them to this set.

  3. Awesome.

    Also, I think I should share Keith’s reaction to this set with a wider audience. Sayeth The Richter Scale, laughing, “Looking at the photos, it’s entertaining to see northerners gawk at southern culture.”

    Just wait, bitches. We’re *this* close to rising again. And then we’ll see if you find $2 omelets so amusing.

  4. Wow, Todd, you got married? And you live in Tennessee?

    The more you know. Too bad there’s no baseball down there.


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