Can We Go To China

Can we go to China and make it our very own America
I wrote to you the other day
Snow is falling on the great wall and
I would like very much to wear my soviet hat;

you could don a jacket the color of sailboats
and in this fashion we would let the wind

take us —

I will take pictures of us from the top
(ascending the collapsing staircase)
(descending the collapsing staircase)

And later they will remind us of how

we thought the whole world was
(I mean basically) an accordion:

tectonic plates fanned and squeezing beneath us
mountains going up and down
trees going up and down
girls going up and down

like a ribcage, breathing

like buttons, keys, tools for manipulating air

I will stand on top of the wall with my red mittens
you will catch hot air balloons with your arms.

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