Tragedy At Johnny’s Formal Wear

“It . . . doesn’t look that bad,” I said as he emerged from the dressing room. “Honestly. You look pretty good in pink.” Jurvis made a sad face. “I mean, okay, it is kind of Pepto-Bismolly. But what’re ya gonna do, right?”

The Lemon of Pink
Make like Mazzy Star and cry, cry, cry.

The wedding’s this weekend in a butterfly conservatory. I so have my camera ready.

July 8 Update: Check out the wedding pictures here.

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  1. Whose wedding?

    Also, I cannot believe that someone stole my vests. That’s it, the wedding is off.

  2. if the bride made the groomsmen all wear that getup, i’d give the marriage like 3 years, tops.


  3. It was perfectly reasonable for me to dog the bubble gum pink vest seeing as I’m the best man at my father’s wedding- but you guys better step off. I’m bangin’ yo.

  4. My favorite definition of bangin’:
    Someone who dons themselves in Burberry clothing, has their socks tucked into their tracksuit bottoms and wears 12 pound sovereign rings from elizabeth duke. Usually listens and tries to emulate the matters in rap music. Also gets drunk in the park on cheap cider. Originates from the chav threat “im gonna fuckin’ bang ya out mate’

  5. You kids need to stop hatin’. The man looks fly. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the dude in purple next to him.

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