Monahdock? Manaderken?

This weekend: coming to terms with dorky shoes, and clambering to the top of the “moderately steep” Mt. Monadnock with a newfound hiking buddy. Hooray!

Andrew Takes My Picture
Andrew takes my picture.

Fleurs everywheres
Tiny, unidentified things.

Unpictured: once again, I erroneously assume that I can locate and drive to an apartment in downtown Boston in a reasonable amount of time by simply “looking at a map” and “writing down the directions.”

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  1. (Honestly. I keep waiting to fall in love with this city, but it’s beginning to feel like an arranged marriage.)

  2. The fact that finding things is a hassle is part of the charm. Live in a place with no coffee shops, book stores, or diners for a month or two, and see if you love Boston.

  3. Find me a coffee shop, book store, or diner that is open past 7pm, and I might change my mind.

  4. Wait, why do you want coffee after 7 pm? Go to a bar, which is something else you’ve got plenty of. Coffee shops are for weekends and graduate students.

  5. What I actually want is a quiet place, with a nice armchair, where I can enjoy some iced tea and read my fancy magazines. And I can’t get anywhere until 6:30, so if it closes at 7 it can suck my $%^@.

  6. I’d like all of that and a pony, but I don’t see where the profit is to be made in selling customers two iced teas over two hours, unless the volume is high, which it won’t be if everyone also wants to stay and sit in a comfy chair. The only way that works is if the place is also a huge book store, and no one wants to hang out at Borders.

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