A Brief Stint Home

I’ve realized the problem I have with taking pictures (ie: “creating memories”): I so rarely remember to take them when things are actually happening. I tend to forget that I have a camera with me at all, until the moment that I’m just waiting around for something.

And so, to go with a theme, a few pictures of waiting.

Computers perplex me.
Sometimes technology lets you down.

Minneapolis Drive
You know, that picture you take.

Cookies and Mischief
Midnight cookies and mischief.

Incidentally, I bet this post totally pumps Todd and Ruth up for the fact that I agreed to help document their wedding ceremony.

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  1. My camera is big and bulky, because I preferred having manual options for taking photos, despite the fact that I know nothing about photography. Because of its cumbersome nature, I rarely take it anywhere, but when I do, I’m always glad I did.

    There has to be some kind of happy middle. I fear growing old with no photographic recollection of the life I’ve lived.

  2. it was great to see you, adri-anne. and those were some damn good cookies :) love you.

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