The First Time We Saw Eraserhead

At fifteen seconds:

Me: Whoa, what’s that thing?

Him: I thought it was . . . sperm?

Me: Are you sure it’s not a . . . I don’t know, an organ? Of some kind?

Him: It’s . . . weird. I think it’s sperm.

Me: That other guy is controlling it somehow.

Him: Yeah.

Me: Is that window his eyes? Is he seeing through him through the window and controlling his intestine with the lever?

His roomate, happening by: Are you guys debating what that thing is?

At fifteen minutes:

Me: Hee hee! Look at that very tiny chicken!

Him: Ew, what’s it doing?

Me: Uhhhh.

Him: Whoa.

Me: Gross!

Him: Well that was weird.

At forty minutes:

Him: Is that . . . the baby?

Me: Ahhhhhkg! It is, it is! What’s it doing? What’s she doing to it?

Him: I’m going to be sick.

At sixty minutes:

Me: What?

Him: Did he just become pencils?

Me: I think his brains are erasers now.

Me: Oh, wait. Only that never happened.

At eighty-six minutes:

Me: Oh no!

Him: Ew!

Me: No, no, achkkk!

Him: What is he doing?

Me: I’m not even watching any more. I’m seriously going to hurl. I’m going to hurl all over your living room and this DVD.

Five minutes after credits:

Me: Uh, So. What’d you think?

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  1. I saw that for the first time about two weeks ago, and the audience commentary was pretty much the same. that chick’s weird … face…. lump… things… gah

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